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    Your family connections are magic. The images I capture enable you to see the expressions and interactions that parents often miss when they're a part of the action. I thrive on building relationships with families over time, so that together we can create a beautifully authentic representation of the history of your family. Photo sessions in your home or favorite locations allow for more personal portraits that preserves your everyday memories.

june shirley

Never have I met a kid under two who could roll their eyes, but ask June Shirley’s parents to kiss each other andView full post »

next up, amsterdam

I met Kate, Jason, Lottie, & The Beast, just after they relocated to Portland from Amsterdam. Sadly for Portland,View full post »

sb in the sb

Spring Break in Santa Barbara with my dad, his lady, some of our closest friends, and one big pelican. As Walt WhitmanView full post »

a family workshop in colorado

Where my Colorado photo peeps at? What about Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona? (I love howView full post »

fun & kisses

Angie and her amazing family agreed to be a hashtag authentic family for my live session at this year’s FieldView full post »

in love in los angeles

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. – Mother Theresa   xo, PQView full post »

travel plans

HEY PORTLAND, we need to talk. Or rather, I need to get something off my chest and I hope you’ll listen. I LOVEView full post »

barnett family home movie

I took a class from the immensely talented Naz Melconian through the Define School recently in an attempt to challengeView full post »

shining light on 2016

When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a teacher. When I was in middle school I wanted to be a photographer.View full post »

2015 with you

You welcomed new members of your families, said goodbye to beloved pet, moved into new homes with fresh painted wallsView full post »

the most wonderful time of the year

I met up with Misty, Adam, and sweet Everett, on what was to be the last sunny day before the wettest winter in 75 yearsView full post »


In August of 2014 I reached out to Hannah and Kelty (otherwise know as the forces behind The Weaver House) because&View full post »

girls on film

Five friends from all over the country come together for a stormy weekend at the Oregon Coast and make pretty picturesView full post »

megan, her boys, their dog, & the beach… but mostly megan

I have. I have a  reason. I have a reason to be sad. Here is a reason to be joyful. A grass turf. A striped day. But,View full post »

butterfly beach (and a little trespassing)

Seeing as how I just shot the newborn session of the little nugget who appears in utero in this session, I figured IView full post »

trailer park

I have wanted to photograph a family at the Sou’Wester since the first time I heard about it. I had a vision, butView full post »

archer’s arch

So Archer, who’s nickname is naturally Arch, photographed with his family (and let’s be real, this is ArcherView full post »

brennan family

a cozy home ::  a walk to the lake :: wildflower crowns :: chilled rosè :: evening light :: loud laughs :: a yellowView full post »